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Hi! I'm Stacy Rollstin-Weiland, a writer here at A Happy Narrative.

I am married to my best friend, Kevin Weiland (our anniversary is 7-21-09 though we have been dating since 2002), and we have two beautiful boys together: Atticus Joseph b. 1-28-10 and Severin Epp b. 4-11-13.

The Weiland family 12/2013
Books are pretty much my life. I love them and have quite a nice little library blossoming under my wing. *will post pics eventually*. I also love Yoga, writing, music, and traveling (and a great appreciation for the Oxford comma). 

Here are Kevin and I in Maui in 2012.
Currently (and for the past couple of years) Kevin and I have been in the process of remodeling our 1953 teeny starter bungalow. We inherited the 2 bedroom home from Kevin's grandfather in 2011. It's been a long journey but we are finally seeing some major progress. I plan on sharing all the ups and downs of remodeling an old home on a limited budget and with limited time.

My dream life would look like this: I would be fluent in German (I adore the German language) and own a little vacation home in Lübeck, where I do nothing but work on my next novel, play with my boys, read copious amounts of books, take photos of everything, cook with what I get at the local farmer's market, and teach medieval history classes online. Sounds good, right? Haha. :)

 My journey with A Happy Narrative is my effort to seek out things, ideas, people, thoughts, inspiration, and places that help make me a happier person. I hope you enjoy following along! 

Mahalo! ~Stacy :)

Kevin and I at Cheeseburger's In Paradise on Front St. in Lahaina.

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