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Hello everyone! 

I'm Katie Rollstin here to entertain you with the many weird and wild things that are in my head!

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Yeah ^^^ that's me.

Have you read Stacy's intro? If you haven't you should it's great! Also, it describes our origin story and that means I dont have to write it all over again. I'm lazy.

In addition to being lazy I like to think of myself as a fairly straight forward person. I like things short, sweet and to the point. 

I like to make a joke out of any situation and sometimes can be completely inappropriate. I like to think that's what people like about me, but who knows.

 I am also extremely funny. Just kidding...but not really.

Photo by Jeny Crews Photography

I live in sin with my boyfriend Ryan and our two gorgeous, smart, wild and crazy children - Ryker who is three and Dean who is 6 months. Yes, Stacy and I have children almost the exact same age. No, we didn't plan it that way. Yes, it is AWESOME.

I love to read, laugh, play video games, tickle my kids, organize stacks of paper, torture my boyfriend, shop at Ikea, travel, try new foods, research random things, torture my sisters and sew.

Photo by Jeny Crews Photography

My journey on A Happy Narrative is aimed to keep all these wonderful adventures down as proof that all these things really happened! My own documentation that I have lived the life I wanted the way I wanted. I'm excited to see what the future has in store for us!

See you soon!

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