Monday, February 9, 2015

Spring Fever

We have major Spring fever. The weather here in southern California has been very mild. Considering that Boston was snowed in this morning, I cannot complain about our 80 degree weather right now.

My son, Atticus, also has Spring fever. "Please, please mommy!" he exclaimed while we walked the aisles at Home Depot yesterday. "Can we please get an orange flower? They are so booti-ful!" How could I say no to that?

Traditionally, living in the desert, I've been anti-desert plants. I usually crave lush, green landscapes.  But lately, the sparse, simplicity of succulents have been calling to me. So I decided to pick up a couple of plants and have some gardening fun with the kids.

 We couldn't find an orange plant so we looked for an alternative. Atticus fell hard for this purple ornamental Kale.

I had Atticus help me plant and water our precious finds. He kept spilling soil and spraying me and the front door with water as his job was to fill up the watering can and I realized that I was doing far too much nay-saying. "Stop squirting me! Stop spilling soil! Stop talking so loud! Stop! Stop! Stop!" 

Peek-a-boo, I see you!
Finally, I did stop. I actually heard myself and was so disappointed in what I was doing. Wasn't this supposed to be fun? When did I become this complainer? This was supposed to be a fun experience with my son and I had turned it into a no session. I had to stop and remind myself, What is the big deal if I get my feet squirted with water? Who cares if he knocks the soil over onto the ground, I can sweep it back up.

I think I sometimes focus more on the finished product rather than the fun that can be had along the way. But with two little kids, I sometimes feel like I am constantly cleaning up messes like sharpie marker and toys and food bits. Sometimes, I just want things to be clean and orderly. But that's not always realistic. And I have to remind myself that it is the journey that is important, not necessarily the destination. I have to remind myself that my goal is to have these experiences with Atticus, not simply to have a pretty plant or two (though pretty plants are awesome).

I simply adore these two boys. I don't want to let the more exhaustive bits of our lives get in the way of experiences and love. And sometimes, I just need to remind myself that.