Thursday, May 29, 2014

Who Loves Instagram?

I do!

I love Instagram. It allows little visual glimpses into other lives, cultures, experiences, and even thought. It can be simply beautiful or extremely thought provoking. Pictures usually don't need any explanation but speak for themselves.

I find myself laying in bed at night, usually after Severin wakes up which he still does from time to time, scrolling through images and dreaming. So I thought I would share five of the Instagram accounts I am loving right now that I think A Happy Narrative followers (who am I kidding...our family are our only followers lol!) will also enjoy. Most of these Instagram accounts have excellent, long established blogs attached to them so be sure to check out their blogs as well.

yogainspiration     I love yoga and this instagram account really lives up to its name. They have how-to videos for certain poses, inspiring quotes-not only to physically do yoga, but to lead a better life, and it really delves into the culture of yoga.

onlinefabricstore     Pure eye candy for the DIYer. I love looking at the various textiles that you can purchase from this site. Textiles are so important in creating certain atmospheres in your home and Online Fabric Store offers prints that I just can't find locally.

sarahhauser     Sarah Hauser is half of the duo over at Offbeat + Inspired blog. I love the pictures of food, home decor, and travel on this account. There's something about a white platter of beautifully prepared food on an old, faded linen arranged on a graying, weathered table. It makes me want to arise at dawn, feed the chickens, and make corn fritters for breakfast with a side of sizzling bacon. (note to self: must get chickens first.)

natgeo     My sister Katie actually told me about the NatGeo instagram account early on. Various photographers for the famous magazine share their images through the NatGeo account. It runs the gambit of experiences: both human and animal. Haunting images. Inspiring images. Provocative images. It really is the best of the best.

london     I have never been to London but it is on the top of my Wanderlust list. As an historian and professed Anglophile, this Instagram account caters to my lust for this amazing city. What makes it so great is that the account is not just one person taking photos of various things around London but rather anyone who #hashtags London can have their photos or short videos selected by this account to appear on the Instagram feed. It definitely helps inspire travel dreams.

I plan on discovering and sharing more Instagram accounts in the future. You can always follow me @loodvig79. Loodvig was the nickname my sister Sarah gave me when we were on our girls trip a few years ago. We saw it on a licence plate in L.A. somewhere and it stuck.

What are the Instagram accounts that you love to follow?

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