Thursday, March 13, 2014

Painting Baseboards

I had been thinking about replacing my baseboards since we moved in almost four years ago but the cost was always too high. The previous owners had installed wood flooring and put shoe molding around the edges to finish it off. Instead of painting the shoe molding white to match the baseboard they matched it to the floor. It creates a weird look. Definitely shortens the walls.

Then one day Stacy said...."Have you ever thought about just painting them?" Nope. Didn't occur to me.

So we busted out some white paint I had and lined the floor with frog tape then did a test run to see how it would look. (Sorry no pics with the frog tape. I was too excited to see the end result!)

The difference is ridiculous! This is one quick coat. Imagine after another coat? 

The difference is really pronounced where the painted and the non painted baseboards meet. (Don't mind the scratches...cats and babies are rough on wood. One day I may sand it and refinish it but the kids will have to be much older.)

Its definitely a rough coat and I cant wait to see how it looks after they are all done properly. I don't look forward to all that crouching down but I think it will be worth it.

Have you ever painted all your baseboards? Any tips you would like to share? We love input!