Friday, March 28, 2014

Finding Inspiration

Most of my days are so busy that I really don't have the time to think. Between the two kids I'm lucky if I get my hair brushed during the day.  Every week I set myself a goal I want to accomplish and if I get that one thing done over the course of seven days I consider it a win.

I think it's important for us women to pat ourselves on the back for what we do accomplish rather than beat ourselves up for what we don't. 

That being said I set a New Years goal of making my house feel like a home and gave myself a whole year to accomplish it. Ha! I know my limitations.  

It has been slow going but I have been making progress. I haven't really felt inspired.

Until recently.

I found my inspiration piece!

IKEA Premiar

It was so perfect. I have a huge blank wall that needed filling up and at 78" x 55", this would do it. I also have a special affinity for maps. My mother ALWAYS had maps in our house. She would always mark them with little notes and scribbles.

Mom even said that she always preferred books that had maps in the front because she could trace the heroes journey. In fact, she thought if the author took the time to make a map it had to be a decent book.

Ryan and I also share a love for all things nautical. There is just something about the sea....

So with all the meanings behind it I could not help but say, "That's it, I have to have it!" 

Below are some before I painted shots:

The first thing I needed to do was get the wall ready. It took me a week to accomplish but I finally got the ONE wall painted (Benjamin Moore Revere Pewter).  Awhile back I posted on painting my baseboards, which you can find here. It was such an improvement that I had to do the same on this wall. I wasnt dissapointed.

Below are shots of the painted wall sans baseboard paint:

Huge improvement with just the new color but after the baseboard are painted it really spices things up. (Yes, I am lame, but this stuff is exciting!)

I can hardly wait to get that map up on the wall! We are also building and painting shelves for either side of it. I'm so excited that everything is coming together nicely! It really inspires me to continue.

I think that is the key to figuring out what design elements work for you. Find a piece that inspires you and base your designs around it.

Though it is taking a lot longer then I had planned I'm still proud that I have even got this far! What do you think? Has there been any projects you have planned that took three times as long as you expected?


  1. Lol...every project takes me long and most never get finished...tis the life of a creative. I can't wait to see it finished. I Also like the idea of setting one large goal for the year and one small goal towards it a week!

  2. I love the color. I think your guys' house has always felt like a home! Warm and inviting. I can't wait to see the wall completed. Gives me inspiration to do a few more things to our house.