Friday, August 3, 2012

A Place To Rest Your Head

1. Get a new couch.....check!
2. Buy accent pillows for couch.....not so much.....

I just havent had the time or the money to go out and get pillows. I am also pretty indecisive about the colors I really want to do. Things got out of hand recently when Ryan and I got our pillows from the BEDROOM so we could be comfy on the couch whilst we watched our TV show.

Things had to change. We couldn't go on living this way.

I searched through my things and found these:

Falling apart accent pillows I never use. They came with one of those all-in-one bed-sets. Not my style anymore.

I furiously dove through all the fabric scraps I owned. There wasn't much so I had to piece two fabrics together to get a pillow.

First thing I did was get my seam ripper out and rip these bad boy's apart.

The fluff inside wasn't held together with anything and promptly fell apart. Maybe I should have just covered over the original fabric, oh well. I measured the original cover then I cut my pieces an inch bigger to allow me some mistake room.

I literally had only scraps of the Paisley material but wanted to incorporate it on both pillows so I cut it first. I had alot of the white fabric so I just used that to fill in all the spaces.

I flipped them so the right sides faced each other then I sewed right around leaving a opening  so that I could stuff it later. Stuffing a pillow is a pain. It is really difficult to get it smooth and free of lumps. I just stuff it extra full then kneed it like dough. Eventually it looks good. :)

Doing the seam to close the pillow up is probably best done by hand. It is also a pain to get the stuffed pillow under the sewing machine to sew a tiny seam closed. I managed to do it but I'm pretty sure I almost broke my sewing machine.

It is done:

The other did not go as well.

I had alot of problems with this pillow because I didn't measure properly. I am not the kinda girl who can just "eyeball" things. I had to leave the project for an hour then come back and brainstorm a solution. It turned out great which is all that really matters right?

It nice to finally a place to rest our heads and they look good! Double whammy!

So what do you think? A free pillow cant beat that. I still want to incorporate more color but this will do in the meantime. Any ideas on accent pillows?

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