Wednesday, July 25, 2012


Hey all! It's been awhile, I know.... summer = vacation.

Summer also = birthday's. My sons birthday is coming up and I have alot of ideas I want to implement. First off, I have quite a bit of tissue paper, gift bags and scrap-booking stuff that I never use. I decided to put what I have to use instead of going out and buying decorations.

One of the things I wanted to do was the tissue paper pom-pom's you see all over Pinterest. The tutorial I found was from Martha Stewart and let's just say it is pretty lacking in info. You can find the tutorial HERE.

It is a good start and if you have tissue paper the exact size she uses then you are set. It will come out really well. It will not come out like the picture no matter what you do!!! It really wont. The still look great though. :)

Start with 8 sheets of tissue paper of matching size. If they don't match in size then cut them to match. This is the fun part cause you can use all your random pieces of tissue paper. 8 is a good amount to make the ball puffy so that you dont see the middle. 10 might even be better but is not necessary.

I decided to make this one yellow and white. I haven't made any yellow pom-pom's yet and it will lighten things up a bit. I had to add white to it because there wasn't enough yellow to get to the 8 sheet minimum. I love just using what I have!

 The sheets were too big as they were, for my purposes. I think if you were to do that big of a pom-pom you would probably want 16 sheets. Anywho, I just cut the long, yellow ones in half. I then cut the white sheets to match the size of the yellow.

After you stack them neatly it's time to get your string ready. You can use whatever you want to tie them together. The Martha Stewart tutorial says to use wire, which is a good idea, but I didn't have any. So I decided to use good ole' fashioned thread. I tripled it up to make it a bit stronger to hold the pom-pom together. I get that ready before the next step.

Accordion fold the 8 pieces. I do each pleat about an inch or so. They don't have to be perfect, you wont be able to see any mistakes. As you can see my ends don't meet perfectly and my paper is cut a little ragged. It all washed out in the end. Feel free to trim it up if it bothers you!

The first time I made the mistake of folding the paper horizontally (long side). The pom-pom has to be a rectangle and you HAVE to fold the paper vertically (short side) to get a nice tight poof. I made the mistake of folding it the long way and got a loose mess. Although maybe that is the look you are going for....whatever.....everyone has different styles!!

After you are done folding, bend the paper in half to get the center. Then insert the string through the middle and double knot it.

 Nice thing about this is, if you want to, you can just cut the string after you are done and reuse the paper. I think this paper is destined for the recycle bin after the party. :)

 Now that you have the base of your pom-pom formed you need to cut the ends in order to get a design. You can leave it if you want to save time and clean-up. Some round the corners, some cut zig-zags, I did a simple point. Easy.

 Almost done!!  Fan out the pom-pom. And start carefully pulling the tissue apart. Also if you haven't done so already, cut the thread to the length you need it. I always go super long just in case.

How I do it is to first separate the pom-pom from the middle. 4 sheets to the left and four sheets to the right. Do this to both sides.

I then take two sheets at a time and separate gently. I do this all the way around. Finally I get down to seperating individual sheets. 4 then 2 then 1! It seems to help with tearing. I tore a whole lot of pieces but due to the nature of this beasty it doesn't show.

The most important part in the end it to gently frouf it. What is frouf you ask? Well to me it is taking the pom-pom in your hands and patting it all over till it is round in shape. This step really shapes it!

There you have it! Glorious pom-pom's all made with stuff you probably have on hand. It probably takes 10 minutes to create each one.

Has anyone else out there made any pom-pom's? How do you like the idea of just using crinkly old tissue paper?

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  1. I love this!!! Even if you bought the paper at the $1 store it would still be a simple/cheap party decoration! Going to do it next year for the my kids birthday!