Tuesday, July 31, 2012

I've always wanted to use the phrase "Sui Generis"....

Sometimes genius, beauty, and thriftiness collide to create a cosmic craft baby of such illustrious amazingness that I get all confuddled and flabbergasted that said baby was not conceived of before. Or at least from my brain anyway. I'm sure others have created such sui generis before but this creation tickled me pink and I am normally not a fan of the shade.

C'mon! I love me some Johnny Flynn!!

Check out this squawking newborn! (...as in cosmic baby...have I lost you yet??)

This blue crystal cupcake stand was perfect for my nephew Ryker's 2nd birthday party. It was ABC themed with bright colors and in lieu of a traditional cake we made cute cupcakes with ABC chocolate molds on the top. We realized that we didn't have a place to display the 48 cupcakes so to the $0.99 store we went!

Of course we kind of had an idea as to how to make a cupcake/cake stand as we are avid Pinterest followers and a crafty friend of ours had made a stand using bowls and plates a few years ago. We picked up these colorful vases for....wait for it....$0.99!

Next we picked up these plastic "crystal" patterned plates. We chose a large 11" plate to serve as the base to our cupcake stand and a smaller 9" plate to be the top. Both plastic plates were also only $0.99.

We used hot glue to attach the plates to the vases and Voila! A beautiful cupcake stand for a measly $2.97 plus tax. I don't know if you can beat that price!

Here is the cupcake stand again. 

Here is the green vase stand loaded up with the cupcakes for Ryker's 2nd birthday party.
What amazingness have you created from the $0.99 Store? Do you get a thrill like we do when you create Sui Generis while saving money? (LOL, okay, I had to throw just one more in!)

Happy Crafting! :)

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