Thursday, June 14, 2012

Words with Momma

My son is now starting to say recognizable words and how to use them. He is just shy of two years old.  It's exciting and scary at the same time. Talk about having to watch my language!! (It's true, I'm a potty mouth.)

I don't really know what the timeline for speech development is and frankly I really don't care. I stopped with the charts a long time ago. Each child is different and has their own development pace.

That being said he it is really hilarious to hear him say words now and figure out their meaning.
My son saying words.
These are his words and how he says them phonetically.

Shoe                           Shewwwwwww
Socks                         Sauce
No                             Naooooooo
Rock                          Rot
Help                           Hep Hep
W                              YewYew
Down                        Dao-oon (Down apparently also means up)
Daddy                        D
Mommy                     :( He doesnt say Mommy yet. Wah!!!
Binkie                        Beee   or BeeeBeee
Juice                          Juuuu
Yes                            Yeeeaaahh.
Outside                      Sigh-e
Water                        Wah-e
Please                        Peas
Thank you                  Tain-to

He also says the dreaded "mine". Everything is now "MINE!" Mine, mine, mine. Ugh. Fingers crossed he grows out of it!

He knows most of his letters. The exceptions are J and K. For some reason he skips them and when you show him the letters he says 2 or B. He denies J & K's existence. It makes me laugh.

He doesn't say Mama. Makes me sad but I know soon enough he will be saying it so much I will wish he would have forgotten it! Mama....Mama....Mama....Mama.....

He has full on gibberish conversations and sometimes I think I will hear a word in them but it's probably just coincidence.

I have to say this is a really fun time as much as it is hair raising. Yes he has crazy fits but the look on his face when he understands something you have said is priceless. The fact that this little human is processing information and spiting the RIGHT information back out again is amazing.

The Munchkin Bathtime Letters have been extremely helpful in his learning process. He loves these things. These would be an excellent baby shower or first birthday gift. I have never seen anyone get these but I sure am going to start giving them now!

 You can find them here:
Im so excited to see what his next words will be! Or what he will come up with next because it really does seem like something new happens everyday.

So have you heard any toddler speak that has cracked you up? What was your favorite word your child has said? (I love hearing "HEP! HEP!") It really is an amazing time isn't it?


  1. That's so funny that he skips those letters. My kids when they were learning to count would count every number up to 20 except 15. Both of them did it. Bailey's pre-school teacher said that a great majority of the students refuse to except that number even if you point it out to them. Weird huh???

  2. That is weird! I wonder if Ryker will do that? I guess we will see!

  3. OH MY WUV WUV! I read every word of his with Rykers voice in my head. I just lub hims!