Friday, June 22, 2012

Thrift Store Exposé Part 1....

Sounds fancy right....exposé......

I originally wanted to put all the stores I visited in one post. As soon as I entered the first store I knew I would have to devote more time to each place. I had a rude awakening in terms of what a thrift store had to offer. What I thought was going to be an hour long trip quickly turned into 3.

So I will be doing a series. Each week I will visit one and post what I find.

Here goes.

I started with Salvation Army on Seventh Street in Victorville.

14716 Seventh Street

Victorville, CA 92395
(760) 245-5745

It is exactly as it appears...kinda shabby but really, it's a thrift store, can't be too classy! The parking lot is weird and really almost impossible to park without breaking the law. It is a one way only lot so I just suggest driving to the back parking lot and staying there. =)

They have alot going on in the parking lot. Employee's are unloading and sorting donations trucks are pulling in and dropping off more. Seems like they get alot of stuff.

They display most of their furniture outside the front entrance. There were some good pieces that could have been refinished but I felt pricing on some of them was a little high. I didn't see any furniture that really interested/inspired me.

Walking inside my first observation was that the store was small. There were three household items aisle's that were extremely close. So close that if you see a person in the aisle you just turn around and walk away. =) Umbrella strollers here only! (Note to self: buy an umbrella stroller.)

They do provide shopping carts, which is nice, but you are not allowed to put children in them, not even the front child seat. They have it all zip tied up! Not a big deal really, especially if you have aforementioned umbrella stroller or don't have kids. 

After you get past all these initial shocks it really is a nice shopping experience. Everything is clean and somewhat organized. 

The clothes are categorized by size and loosely by color. They don't have it marked but you can clearly tell where the kids, women, and men's clothes are. I didn't see any baby stuff.

Book section was pretty sad. Yep, that kid was sad about the sad book section..... (That's my nephew Atticus) He actually fell in love with a polka dot trash can but his mother denied him. Mean Mommy!

Stacy did find one book she got really excited about. (Did I mention she was with me? No? Well she was!) Maria Snyder is one of her favorite authors.

Those are my feet down there!

What we were really there to check out were the clothes. I was in the mindset of "There isn't going to be anything for me."   I was pleasantly surprised. I do think they are overpriced for most of their items. I feel like if I can get it new for the same price why am I in a Thrift store? That is where the discount days kick in.

Some of our finds. Cute! 


This Salvation Army does weekly color discounts. Every Monday two colors are chosen to be the discount colors for the week. The discount is 50% off. This week was green and orange. They post a sign by the cash register telling you what the discount colors are.

While we were there they were having an extra 25% promotion on ladies tops and handbags. I asked the cashier and she said they just periodically have extra discounts on items. I assume its because they want to move specific merchandise. Again check out the sign by the cash register.

Another worker informed me that on the weekends (Friday through Sunday) they have everything 50% off. I will have to come back on the weekend to confirm this.

Stacy overheard one of the employees giving a woman $20 off an item if she bought it that day. Maybe there is some room for haggling on the bigger items? Some people can haggle anything!

This Salvation Army does not have dressing rooms to try on clothing. I have heard some do but this one does not.

These are the only color tags we saw. 

 I have heard that the employees at this location can be rude. I didn't experience this even with all my annoying questions. The employee at the cash register even gave both my sister and I an extra 10% discount. Why? I have no idea but I like it! We each ended up spending around $21.

Stacy's finds!  
Stacy's best finds included a Maui t-shirt for her husband (it has a really cool kraken on the back), a Mickey T for her son and a horse head decoration she can't wait to spray paint.

I was mainly looking for clothes because of my serious lack of them. Happily I found some great things to add to my summer wardrobe.


My very favorite thing I found was the dress in the top right corner. It is a Target brand dress and I love it! We really liked finding the shirt that says "Find Inspiration Everywhere." It really fit the situation and made us feel like we were on the right path.

I also got a pair of shorts for my son and a t-shirt that I may re-purpose or I may just let my boyfriend have it. We shall see. All for $21!! I call that money well spent.

I cant wait to see what the next place brings!

So has anyone been to this location or any Salvation Army? What was your experience like?

Stay tuned for the next installment!

Just for fun I briefly considered buying this gem:
Yeah that's's a wooden tie. Actual wood pieces on an elastic cord. Awesome! :)


  1. That wooden tie was awesome!!

  2. That wooden tie is awesome! One reason why I LOVE to thrift store shop! I have been to that thrift store many times. They usually have good stuff but I think they have changed a bit since I've been there! It was not as organized, there were no tags on clothes and the prices where good even with out discounts. I find that the stores that are more organzied reflect that in their prices for sure. Can't wait for your next post ;)!!

    1. I agree with the organization/pricing comment! I think maybe it is worth it. Cant wait for my next discovery!

  3. What an awesome review! I have been to the Salvation Army several times in the past, but it's been a few years since I went there. I don't think it has changed much.
    Loved the summer dress you purchased!
    Keep pounding the pavement! Lol!

    1. Thanks! You guys should check it out next time you are in town!