Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Target REDcard Uncovered

A somewhat confusing new promotion Target is doing is called Target REDcard. Every time the cashier asked me if I wanted to save an additional 5% by opening a Target debit card I thought it was some sort of credit card and said "NO!" (Not quite that aggressively.) It wasn't until Stacy (oldest sister poppy) had it and explained to me what the card is that I actually took advantage of it. 5% wasted for so long!!!! :......(

The Target REDcard Debit Card:

Is is NOT it's own debit card. You are not applying for a credit line or a bank account. Your connecting it to YOUR bank account. Seems scary? Well, it's just as safe as using your credit card online I guess. As safe as any purchase is really.

It is similar to having a Paypal connected to your checking account. It is a secondary card that charges your primary card. 

It works just like writing a check except it is a plastic card and you assign the card a pin number. It takes two to three days to clear your account.

Why would you ever go through the trouble? Well, to save money of course! 

Every time you use the card you get 5% off purchases made online or in store. If that wasnt enough you get free shipping with no minimum purchase from their website. For example, I purchased a candlestick for $3 on clearance at saved 5% and got free shipping.

They also donate 1% of all purchases to local schools!

Now, why would Target offer these benefits for nothing in return. They don't. What they get in return is information. What type of items you buy when you buy them. Kinda creepy you say? Target has been doing it for years. In fact, most companies you shop at collect your information.  Might as well get 5% for it!!

Step 1: Fill out the application.
You can fill it out and print it from the website but cannot turn it in online.
Read the Terms and Conditions.

Step 2: Take the application to your nearest Target.
Or you can mail it in. Either way you must have a voided check for them to process. This is how they connect the account.
If you take it in to your nearest Target they will process the application for you right then and there. I have NEVER seen anyone not get approved. Maybe if you have alot of bounced checks? Who knows. They probably just want to make you feel like you are joining an exclusive club.

Step 3: You get a temporary number on a receipt that can be used immediately. Your card usually arrives within two weeks. I received mine in ten days.

The nice thing is even if you don't have a Target in your area you can still use this card online. It brings Target to you!

I love Target, most of all I am a Target clearance shopper. This has saved me quite a bit in shipping costs because of my small purchases. 

They used to offer a Target Visa card but have discontinued it at this time.

Click HERE for  more information about the information collecting they do.

Does anyone else take advantage of this program? Is anyone put off by the information sharing? 


  1. I have the credit card and I pay it off every time I use it so I don't have any interest charges. They offer the same benefits and I have the added bonus of increasing my credit score. You have to be pretty diligent about paying it off but my card has a limit of $500 so I can't get in over my head even if I wanted to. I don't have checks to link my account so I decided the credit card would be a better choice for me. It is an awesome way to purchase your items especially sale/clearance items!

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