Monday, June 18, 2012

Poor = Creative

Sometimes when you really can't find the money for something you come up with your most creative ideas. Watching the show Shameless (the BBC version) started me really thinking about how to make something out of nothing.  They are the extreme end of poor. (Amazing show. Catch it on Netflix!)

We are taking our annual summer trip up to our friends in northern California soon and I realized I really have no clothes. I have never been much of a shopper for myself. I never know what I like and get very indecisive about things. The thought of clothes shopping always gives me anxiety. :)

I was inspired by a couple of fellow bloggers to take old clothes and re-purpose them. I don't really have too much in my closet to re-purpose but I decided that this would be the perfect excuse to go thrift store shopping!
WobiSobi. She has alot of vest ideas.

Trash Planet. I love her style!

We really don't have any vintage clothing stores here where we live. In fact we have a pretty bad selection of thrift stores also.  My plan for this week is to travel to each thrift store and see what I can get for what I gots.

Along with this I plan to get the down low on our local thrift stores. Which one are good, which ones are not.

Stay tuned for the results!!


  1. I have a friend who wears these tired old jeans with holes in the crotch. These poor fashion choices put my friend's relationship in turmoil due to the brandishing of these horrid fashion choices. As someone who seems to have a great grasp of style, what kind of advice would you offer to my friend?

  2. That friend is working to remedy that problem!!!