Friday, May 18, 2012

Who'da Thought A Desert Had A Farmer's Market?!?

Every Thursday on the lower campus of Victor Valley College is the High Desert Farmer's Market. There is something almost...magical about a farmer's market. Not to be too dramatic but I didn't grow up on a farm and my pathetic attempts to grow and harvest my own food have not been successful (Not that I've given up). I really admire the small farmer that can grow from a tiny seed something fit for human consumption.

So how does the High Desert Farmer's Market compare to other semi-local markets? I have always loved Santa Monica'sFarmer's Market. Blocks upon blocks of delicious fresh produce, freshly salted nuts, freshly cut flowers, and trinkets and home crafts galore. It is truly a Mecca of all farmer's markets. 

The High Desert Farmer's Market is no Santa Monica's Farmer's Market but my sister Katie and I have gone to several farmer's markets in other cities across southern California and the HD outshines quite a few. I won't mention which ones we went to but some were really tiny and given the size of some of the towns/cities we visited we were really disappointed. We realized that the High Desert has a pretty awesome one!

When I went to the High Desert Farmer's Market yesterday I found: huge artichokes, gigantic heirloom tomatoes (the best as far as I'm concerned), pounds upon pounds of green beans, onions, celery, potatoes, freshly cut herbs, spinach...practically every seasonal vegetable you could imagine. They also have vendors selling freshly baked bread (YUM!), the best tasting hummus I've EVER had, oranges, pears, strawberries, Jujubes (crazy raisin smelling dried fruit that my friend Jeni and I marveled at), and I'm sure I'm leaving something out but you get the idea. Oh yeah, they also have (periodically) a local chef who demonstrates how to cook a chosen recipe using the ingredients found that day at the High Desert Farmer's Market.

The market also showcases booth's for local arts and crafts for sale. You can find incense, jewelry, clothing, Avon, plants, and a variety of other treasures. Find yourself hungry while you're there?  Grab a bite to eat or a frozen lemonade while you walk around and shop and visit.

I do have one suggestion that would make the Farmer's Market better: live music! Wouldn't it be cool to bring the kiddo's (who are not in school) down to learn about fresh produce, then grab a bite to eat while enjoying some local tunes? I totally think so!

 I don't go every week but I would like to get the vast majority of my produce from local growers. I love the taste, smell, and texture that you can really only find on something picked in the last couple of days. Last night for dinner I stopped by the grocery store to pick up some quinoa and used my carrots, celery, peppers, garlic, green onion, and fresh oregano for a delicious side meal.

So if you get a chance, check out the High Desert Farmer's Market every Thursday from 8 am to noon. and whenever you can, buy local and fresh. Now if I could just get my two year old to eat some of that produce life would be perfect... :)

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  1. you just inspired me to cook breakfast instead of pour a bowl of cereal! :) yum.