Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Talent can still flourish in this dirty, dry desert.

Victorville and the high desert area isn't exactly known for having amazing opportunities and a well connected community. People don't dream as big here and as far as I was concerned until a few months ago, there wasn't much of a music scene and you only ever saw local musicians at coffee shops somewhere in bumfuct Apple Valley or at a party or garage or some other random spot, since venues around here are mostly non existent.

And then there was The Lotus Lounge. 

It started as a weekly event, organized by a group of people that I went to high school with. It brought something to the desert that was unique and original: an opportunity for local musicians, artists, and other collaborates to join together and make music, showcase art, and drink booze somewhere other than a friends backyard party. 

One of my personal favorite performers from our little town is a bluesy rock band called Kayla and the Ghostmen. She has a powerful old-timey sound that soothes my soul. 

I don't love rap, but my longtime friend Jeremy, known by stage name Smirk, makes it pretty much impossible to deny the talent and raw poetry that can happen with the right beat and the right words.

Next is an indie rock band called The Lillies. More commercial sounding than most bands up here, they're pretty popular and participated in Battle of the Bands for Warped Tour. Amazing little band.

Last but not least, the Black Market Butchers. They're a great hip hop group that bring passion, energy and inspiration to fellow desert rats.

 The Lotus Lounge has since closed down because there wasn't enough money, support, marketing, etc, which is common problem that we have up here. Hopefully sometime soon they can start it back up because it really was a diamond in the rough.


  1. I love the sound of Kayla and the Ghostmen. I have never heard of them before. :)