Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Something Old....Something New

Sometimes I get a crazy streak where I want to do a project and want to do it now!! (Usually when I am supposed to be doing homework.) Such is the case with this:
I had at one time wanted to do some misguided palm tree theme for my bathroom. (Again this was before Pinterest.) This shadow box has been lingering in various places around my house ever since.
One day I was perusing Pinterest and came across a shadow box for movie tickets as seen here.  I really thought it was a cute idea but didn't actually think about starting it as a project until I went to the bathroom later that day. I noticed for the first time since I had put it on the wall two years ago, the sad dusty little palm tree waiting to be loved. 
So, as women do, I decided to love it by changing it. 
 I started by peeling the tape off the edges. I always get so nervous when I start a project because deep down I think I'm just gonna ruin it! 
Yes...I am making a mess on my bed. I do my projects wherever I start them. :O
Then I took my knife (took it straight from the kitchen, I was too lazy to go look for the exacto knife) and proceeded to shove it under the edge and shimmy it down the sides.
 When I came upon a staple I just twisted the knife and out it popped!
Shoulda done this on the first step but didn't. Unscrew the picture hooks from the frame.
 Voila!! The back is off! That little plastic palm tree was just about gone but had two screws and some glue holding it on to the backing.
Here I encountered my first problem. Scraping the glue from the palm tree off ripped up the backing to the shadow box. I sanded it lightly to get all the paper fibers to lay flat then went off to look for some paper to back it with. I needed one backround paper and one complementary paper to make the "Admit One" stub.
My second problem was the paper framing around the glass. There are two layers of it. I cut out the top layer and was about to cut out the bottom when I realized it was in front of the wood piece that formed the box (The pine around the edge) If I took the paper framing out it would show the pine frame in the front. Plus it would have been a pain to get the wood frame out then back in correctly so I decided to leave it.
I'm glad I left it, I think it accents the paper I picked perfectly. 
By the way I bought the paper stack some number of years ago but it is still available. It is called Once Upon A Time stack and you can find it here. It is some seriously awesome, magical paper.
I then cut the parchment colored paper to fit in my printer and printed admit one a couple of times on it. I did this because I figured I would make a couple of mistakes cutting into a ticket form. I traced out where I wanted to cut with pencil then followed the line. It isn't professional but I love crafty things that are clearly homemade.
I then had to figure out how to cut a hole so that I could just slip the stubs in there instead of taking the back off. Let me tell you I could not cut through that back piece for the life of me. I have weak arms, sadly. So I had to wait for my boyfriend to get home to finish the project. 
(So much for woman empowerment!)
He used his leatherman to saw out a hole. Then used the staple gun to reattach the back. Yes there is paper sticking out the side....I left it because you cant see. Lazy...I know.

Here it is all done. I am using my camera phone for all these pictures so it's not the best representation of the colors and how it actually looks but you get the idea.
It's up next to the entry to my guest bathroom. I want all my guests to think about all the fun times we had right before they potty. ;)  I am going to add something else to that wall as soon as I get an idea.

Anyone else re-purpose things from around the house? Make something old new again?

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  1. I repurpose everything! LMAO! I love that you used a knife and whatever you had lying around. Using found objects as tools is something I think most people do whether they admit it on their blog posts or not! ;)