Thursday, May 31, 2012

Off with the arms!!!

Summer is's close enough anyway.  Ninety degree temperatures seem to just hit you with no warning.
It was Memorial Day and we had places to go people to see. When I went to pick my shirt for the day I realized I have very little options.  I wanted one of those lightweight vests similar to this. Having very little money and a baby that hates to shop I raided my meager closet and came out with this:

I know what your thinking....why would you ever change such a well crafted piece?
 I actually have one exactly like it in much better condition. (Notice the tags attached by a string? Yeah, it's old.)
 I'm definitely no fashion designer and my fashion sense could best be described as...well...gamer/housewife chic? Ratty T-shirts and double layered tank tops, least I'm comfy.
I decided to cut this sweater up to class myself up a bit. Starting with the arms. 

I started with a knife to cut the seams, realized it was a bad idea, then switched to a seam ripper. (As you can see my seam ripper is broken, it still works just as good anyway.) I should have just cut them off and saved myself the trouble. I ended up cutting them anyway.
This is what is was looking like after the seam ripping. 
It makes me sad to look at the vest during this stage of construction. The ragged arm holes...the weird looking tag...

I decided to braid some scraps from the arms into ties for the top of the arms. This way I could twist the arm fabric inward when I tied it and would hide the sad ragged holes.
I tied a knot at each end of the braids then tied them around the shoulder seams of the newly formed vest.
 Looks good eh? Your probably screaming at me to take the tag I did.......
Nice and flowy. A perfect cover for a tank top.
So I wore it to a BBQ and realized a fatal design flaw. The armholes were too tight. It was flowy everywhere but the armpits. Deodorant stains anyone? As soon as I was home I started cutting.
Now this is made of a knit fabric that I am unfamiliar with. I don't really know how it will fray over time. I may zig zag the armhole seams at a future date.
See the difference on the left side? Just by cutting the armholes deeper it gave it a much more tailored look. What was I thinking before?
One day I will learn to take better pictures. 
I really like how it came out, it just flows now. It's nice to take something that was languishing in the back of the closet to an everyday where item.
Any one else have a similar situation? What have you done to change up the wardrobe?


  1. WOW that came out looking awesome!

  2. Lol! Clever AND funny! (Hide the knives!) I like it much better with the arm holes bigger. It's much more vesty. (Is the a word? It is now.) The only thing I've ever done to my clothes has been to cut my jeans off for shorts and cut my tee's up to look like a homeless person.