Monday, May 14, 2012

Pinterest Changed My Life Yo.....

I have to say that Pinterest changed my life. It really did. It gave me the ability to do all the projects I had always wanted to do but was too intimidated because I never felt like I had any talent at arts and crafts.  I think a lot of people feel this way, which is most likely why Pinterest took off.  The want to make life prettier but not knowing how to get there.  As soon as I figured out how to pin (I’m not gonna lie, I was lost for weeks) it really took off for me. I was suddenly designing my whole house from inspiration pins. I could finally put up a picture wall when I found a pin that showed me an easy way to do it.
 I never even knew what colors I really liked together and all of a sudden I am developing a personal style!  Everything doesn’t have to be brown or match..... what?!?  I’m sure a lot my my blogs will be projects that I have completed from Pinterest and how it turned out. Some of the Pinterest things I have done have been disasters. Some have been successful.  My hope is that if I show that it can be done by me (no skills whatsoever) then you will be inspired to try things too.

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