Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mother's Day

Today marked my second year of being a mother. My husband and I had a backyard bar-b-que celebrating all the wonderful mothers that we are lucky enough to have in our lives.

According to Wikipedia the official modern day celebration of Mother's Day dates back only 102 years when it was started by Anna Jarvis. Jarvis eventually became dissatisfied in the commercialization of Mother's Day.

I have to agree with Ms. Jarvis. I don't celebrate my mother because a holiday exists or because anyone tells me too. I celebrate my mother, and all the wonderful, hard working mother's I know because I adore them. My mother has stood by me and supported me through everything. I would not be who I am today if it were not for my mother. Here I am with my wonderful mother, Janet Woodard Rollstin.

Now I am my own mother to little charasmatic and rambuctious twenty-seven month old boy named Atticus. Are there days that I want to pull my hair out, scream, cry, lay in a fetal position on the, I mean take a break from all the hard work that being a mom is? Sure. I also struggle at times with giving all I can give to my son without sacrificing who I am as a woman.

But there are so many rewards. I get to look at this hysterical face every day. 

Every time I turn around Atticus is changing and growing. I am all too aware that soon, one day down the road, he won't be my snuggle bunny anymore. One day he won't be content to just hang out with mom on a Saturday morning, being silly, and the greatest chore we have on our agenda for the day is to play.  And while all this life is going on the clock keeps ticking on in the background.

Tick. Tick. Tick.

Sometimes I feel this frantic feeling that time is ticking away too quickly. It seems like just a few weeks ago that I found out I was pregnant for the first time, and the first time I felt him move in my belly, and the first time I held his little body in my arms. 

Being a mom is truly one of the hardest jobs you can have. (Don't worry, I feel the same way about fathers: stay tuned for June.) And though it's a horrid cliché, I wouldn't have it any other way. I adore my son and I truly cherish every moment with him, even the tough ones that every mom experiences with a two year old. He is another reason that I am a part of this universe, another reason for my existence, another reason for my happiness.

Right now in my life I am just hoping to be the best parent I can be so Atticus will become a respectful, passionate, happy adult. For isn't that truly what all mother's want for their children?


So Happy Mother's Day to all the mother's out there. All the hard work you do is never in vain and it is always appreciated.

And since my little 2 year old is already an avid music lover, I dedicate this to him. I love you Mr. Atticus. ----"Wake Up" by Arcade Fire is actually quite dark but when I was pregnant with Atticus the movie Where The Wild Things Are was coming out and this song played during the trailer. I would cry every time I heard it and eventually came to think of it as Atticus' and my song. <3

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