Friday, May 11, 2012

Coldplay at the Hollywood Bowl

Hey blogging world! This is the very first blog post on A Happy Narrative (formerly California Poppies) so bear with us while we get all the kinks worked out. :-)

The honor of the first post should belong to none other than Coldplay: rock gods as far as my sisters and I are concerned. We had the wonderful opportunity to go see them in concert at the Hollywood Bowl on May 4, 2012.

Our love affair with the British foursome began over a decade ago with the release of their brilliant first album Parachutes. I was 21 when I first heard that album, a full-time college student going through all the angst and turmoil of someone trying to find their place in the world. Silly as it may sound, Coldplay's music helped me get through some emotional times as I'm sure it has for millions of people around the world.

What songs do I love the most? My top 5 would have to include: Yellow (Hello! Is there a more romantic song in existence?), Clocks (Makes me think of my husband-we were serenaded to this song while dining at Saddle Ranch Chop House in Universal City Walk), The Scientist (love the Willie Nelson version for the Chipotle commercial), In My Place ("In my place, in my place, were lines that I couldn't change, and I was lost, oh yeah" <3), Fix You (Am I the only one who can't listen to this without balling my eyes out??), Viva La Vida (The historian in me loved that Chris Martin channeled Les Miserable), Lover's In Japan (...will take you out of a bad mood. I suggest listening to it very loudly and singing along.), Paradise (This one is for my sisters.).

Oops, was that more than 5? You're lucky I narrowed it down to 8. I mean come on! Out of all the Coldplay discography, it's pretty hard to narrow down the top 8 songs. They are all really awesome and my sisters and I are so grateful that we were able to see them live.

We were especially excited to see them at the Hollywood Bowl, an awesome outdoor concert venue in the Hollywood Hills that we had never been to. The weather was perfect in the low 70's and the skies were clear. May 4, 2012 also happened to be the night of the so-called Super Moon when the moon is at its closest to the earth. Needless to say the night was made even more magical because of this.

Does Coldplay sound good live? You betcha! They were amazing! They put on a great visual show as well with laser lights, massive amounts of confetti, and these awesome wrist bands that were given out for free when we came into the venue that lit up at various parts of the show.

Basically if you ever have the chance to see Coldplay don't pass it up. And on a sad note May 4, 2012 also happened to be the same day that Adam "MCA" Yauch from the Beastie Boys passed away. As a tribute, Coldplay turned "You Gotta Fight For Your Right To Party" into a ballad.  Needless to say, we were all teary.

A note on the venue: The Hollywood Bowl as excellent acoustics and viewing from almost every seat. We were lucky enough to find ourselves just left of center (Suzzane Vega anyone??) in section G2, Row 10, Seats 8,10, and 12.

So what's the best concert you've been to? Anyone have a great venue they like to attend? We have quite a few places here in southern California and I have to say that the Hollywood Bowl has to be one of the best.  Maybe we will make it to one of their classical shows in the future.

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  1. Tom and I saw the goo goo dolls here...It is the best venue I have ever been to. It was so romantic, as it was just us two with no kids under the stars!!! It makes for a very magical experience! LOve that you guys have a blog going!!