Tuesday, October 16, 2012

It's Never Too Early To Introduce Thoreau To Your Toddler

We have mentioned our love for all things Pinterest in previous posts which you can read about here. So it shouldn't come as a surprise that this art project I decided to undertake was directly inspired from a Pin I saw on Pinterest. It was a simple project that could easily be complete in an afternoon.

I started by heading out to Michael's with my trusty Michael's coupon app on my phone which saves me 40% on one item and 20% on my entire purchase. I picked up some craft smart craft paint for only $0.69 each in various shades of green and a bright yellow. I already had a metallic green paint that I had picked up some months ago.

I wanted to paint the greens in a gradient and then reverse it. This was a slight variation on the original Pin from Pinterest. Did I mention that this is a quote from Henry David Thoreau? That guy writes the best stuff. ;)
Anyway, I separated the lines by about 2" and used a ruler to draw a faint pencil line to help keep me in check.

The only other purchase I made for this project (also from Michael's) were these stencils. One package for $5.99 contained 1" and 3/4" letters in both capital and lower case. Plus I was able to use my 40% off coupon on that item. I already had canvas and paint brushes.

I then just went to town painting my letters. I didn't care too much if the paint went out of the 'lines' of the stencil as long as the letter was still readable. I think this adds character and makes it unique. Even though I am basically copying the design from Pinterest, I don't mind it looking like the homemade project that it is.

Here is the finished product. The only thing I would do differently is try to draw an even fainter pencil line. I was unable to get all of it off and in some spots you can still see it. Oh well, I still love it and can't wait to hang it in Atticus' bedroom.

What projects have you done or have been inspired from Pinterest? 

Monday, October 15, 2012

Summer Hiatus

Hello blogging world! Here at California Poppies we have taken a late summer hiatus from our blog. Since I (Stacy) returned from my family's awesome Hawaii trip back in July my husband and I found out we are expecting our second child! We are very excited and the little bean should show up around mid-April. Here's my 2 1/2 year old son Atticus showing me how much he will love his new brother or sister (at least that is how I interpret it-and he was very concerned about the Syrian crisis Natalie Morales was telling us about as well).

Anyhoo, I have had morning all day sickness and exhaustion like you wouldn't believe so I have basically felt like doing nothing. Literally. Nothing. Urghh. However, I am starting to perk up just a tad bit. I still have to take a nap almost every day. Did I mention I hate napping? I loathe it. But come 2 o'clock and I just can't keep my eyes open....yawn...what time is it?.....snooze......

And to top that off, Katie and Sarah are taking college classes which started in August so they have been very busy. We plan on aiming for at least one post a week and maybe more if we feel inspired. So thanks for bearing with us and we look forward to sharing more of our explorations and experiences with you.

~California Poppies

Monday, August 13, 2012

A Little Lahaina Anyone?

Front St. in Lahaina

Last week I did a post about my family's recent trip to Maui and you can read it here. This post is going to be about the town we called home for 8 days: the old capital of Hawaii and old whaling port of Lahaina.

A Little Geography

L Town
Lahaina is on the Westward side of the island of Maui, about 45 minutes or so from the airport in Kahului. Lahaina actually means cruel sun in Hawaiian because of the intensity of the sun and how dry the climate is with only 13 inches of rain a year. Of course 13 inches a year is a veritable rain forest compared to the amount of rain we get here in the desert but for Hawaii, 13 inches is dry. This makes it ideal for those who come from wetter climes and seek the comfort of the sun's rays. Personally I could do without the sun but it did rain once during our stay in Lahaina so I was happy about that.

A Little Background

As I mentioned above, Lahaina was the old capital of the Kingdom of Hawaii before it was moved to Honolulu in 1845. Lahaina was also "...the center of the global whaling industry(http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lahaina,_Hawaii)". The town's activity centers around the famous Front St. which dates back to the 1820's (that's old to us Californians).

Posted throughout the town is a board showing the Historic Trail locating the various points of interest in Lahaina. We didn't get to them all (leaving room so we have to come back, right?) but the ones we did see were pretty awesome.

The Baldwin House
The Baldwin House really stole my imagination. And it had nothing to do with Rev. Dwight Baldwin and his work as a doctor, but rather his wife, Charlotte. They had 8 children all together even though 2 died young from dysentery. Rev. Baldwin's work would often take him away from Lahiana leaving Charlotte to care for 6 children. All I could think about was how hard it had to be for her to keep her household together and take care of all those children in a strange land. Historically we always learn about the great deeds men do-but sometimes the stories of the everyday struggles of those left behind, if you will, are far more fascinating. We did a candle lit tour of the house which added to the feeling of going back in time and helped us to truly imagine what life may have been like in the mid-19th century. If you visit Lahaina Restoration  you can see their event calender to plan your candle lit tour to Baldwin House on your next visit.

The famous Banyan Tree
Another famous must-see in Lahaina is the Banyan Tree. This tree was planted in 1873 and now covers more than 200 feet and shades about 2/3rds an acre. What is so fascinating about the Banyan Tree is that is re-roots itself. In the image above, in the center is the main large trunk. Throughout the image you can see smaller 'shoots' implanted in the ground. This is where vine-like roots have grown down from various branches and planted themselves-adding stability to the growing tree. It is one thing to see in pictures but in person, it is a little mind blowing how massive this tree is.

Old Prison Gate
Old Prison Wall
In the 1850's Lahaina built a new prison to help house and separate the female and male prisoners. It is called Hale Pa'ahao. The original gatehouse had burnt down but was rebuilt in the 1960's based on original photos. Part of the exterior wall of the Prison was built by the old fort walls the lined Front St.

Old Fort
We visited the Courthouse in Lahaina on our second to last night there and the Courthouse was closed before I had the chance to visit it. I was bummed, needless to say as I was really looking forward to visiting this historic landmark.

Old Ka'anapali-Lahaina Sugar Train
One thing I wanted to make sure we did while in Lahaina was take the six mile train ride from Lahaina to Ka'anapali on the old Sugar Mill Train. The Sugar mill was in operation starting in 1860 but started taking passengers only in 1970. My two year old loves trains and he loved the open air steam train that wobbled and swayed on it's rusty tracks. It is a slow paced ride with a guide who shows you points of interest and played a ukulele and sang one of my favorite songs: What a Wonderful World/Somewhere Over the Rainbow. I enjoyed it and highly recommend it. 

There is so much to do in Lahaina that we saw only a fraction of what is there. I fell in love with this little beach town and if I ever win the lottery (lol) I would totally buy a house here. The shopping is great (you must visit HALEZEN) , the history is great, the scenery is great, there are a ton of art galleries and restaurants. Oh and there is a gelato place to die for on the corner of Dickenson St. and Front St. called Lahaina Gelato. I don't know about the rest of the major towns in Hawaii, but for me, Lahaina is the quintessential beach town that stole my heart.

Mahalo for reading! 

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Garden Update

Yesterday I finally got around to planting an herb garden in the two whiskey barrels I bought at Home Depot way back in April. I planted: basil, Italian Oregano, bunching onions, sage, Italian parsley, spearmint, and peppermint. Don't they look beautiful in the whiskey barrels?

Remember what my tomato garden looked like last? You can refresh your memory here. Look at how much the pineapple heirloom's have grown since then! It has gotten so big and out of control that my husband had to stake it and weave rope along the sides to hold the weighty plant in. These plants have not been big producers thus far, but there are many, many green tomatoes growing. It's just taking it's sweet time.

Remember my sad little artichoke? It's the first picture in my previous garden post. It has practically quadrupled in size.

Here is a picture of two of my green heirlooms. I'm chompin' at the bit patiently waiting for them to ripen.

Do you have an herb garden? Do you find it convenient (and more importantly cheaper) to have fresh herbs on hand whenever you need them?

Monday, August 6, 2012

Have Kids, Will Travel

Front St. in Lahaina


A couple of weeks ago my husband and I loaded up our family and headed to Maui, Hawaii for an 8 day trip. I plan on writing a couple blogs about our experiences and this blog is going to be about the nitty gritty of planning and executing a trip of this magnitude with children in tow.

We began planning our trip way back in the dead of winter in January of 2012. We planned on taking Kevin’s two kids-18 year old Kyle and 14 year old Kaelie-and our 2 year old son, Atticus (he was 29 months old at time of travel).

Of course I did massive amounts of research and Expedia was my best friend (still is actually!). I used Expedia to set up several different trip scenarios so I would have a realistic idea of what to expect as far as costs were concerned.  I wanted to know if renting 2 regular hotel rooms with double beds would be more cost effective than renting a 1 or 2 bedroom room.  I also was considering the cost of eating out every meal as opposed to cooking some in our own kitchen and needless to say the latter won out.

To Book Or Not To Book

Because this was the first trip I had taken with children (and the last time I flew in an airplane was pre-9/11) I wanted some help so I went to my local AAA and had one of their travel agents book it for me. Do you want to know how amazing this is? You don’t even have to be a AAA member to use their travel services! And it cost me nothing. Nada. Zip. Zilch. I have to say that Sarah, our travel agent, made the whole process smooth and answered all of my questions (either in office or over email) in a timely manner. *We did end up getting a AAA membership however. We needed a car seat while in Maui and with a AAA card it is free. To rent one for 8 days would have been more expensive then the cost of the AAA card so check it out!*

The trip we ended up booking with AAA was extremely close in cost to the trip I had found on Expedia. I would recommend taking your print-out from a travel site if you found a good deal just in case a comparable deal doesn’t come up with your travel agent. If you show your research to your travel agent they should be willing and able to help you find a similar one.

We not only booked a condo and airfare with AAA, we also booked a rental car. I had read the only reliable way to get around Maui is to rent a car. We rented a minivan and it worked out great for us.

I also wanted a crib and high chair while in Maui. Sarah was able to call the condo for me to find out if they were available. Alas, they were not so Pleasant Holidays (AAA goes through them) was able to give me two companies that rent those items (and more) to you. I went through Easy TravelHawaii and got a crib and high chair for 8 days for $59.38. They even had the crib and high chair already set up by the time we got to our condo and when we left they were going to just come pick it up from our room. How convenient is that?

Master bedroom at the condo with the crib already set up when we arrived.
What To Pack

I read a lot about what to take to Maui. I watched videos on fitting 10 days of clothes in a standard carry-on luggage. I read about what to take vs. what to just buy in Maui. I felt really prepared. We checked one piece of luggage (and it was big!) and everyone-except my husband-had a carry-on bag. Even my 2 year old had his own small Thomas the Train carry-on. Plus we had 2 back packs and I had my own bag that held my Kindle Fire, phone, diapers, and Ipod-as well as all of our travel documents and maps of the island that I had printed out.

When we got dropped off at LAX by my sister Katie, I was appalled at the mountain of luggage we were taking with us. It seemed like so much! The reality? We probably should have taken more. I found myself changing 2 or more times a day. I would dress one way to go to the beach and we would snorkel and by the time we would get home, my shorts would be wet and dirty so I would put another outfit on. Then if we went out to dinner, I would change again. Thankfully our condo had a washer and dryer but we had a wee bit of problems with it which I will explain later.

On our way home from Maui, I had bought so many souvenirs that we had to buy another suitcase. Thankfully, we are not the only ones with this problem as many, many vendors sell luggage in all sizes all over Lahaina. We bought a cute hibiscus flower covered large suitcase for $65.00. It is a nice one too so we can use it for future trips. I’m not sure how you would avoid this unless you just bought less or had your souvenirs shipped over. Maybe next time I will look into that! Let me know if any of you have had stuff shipped home while on vacation.

Airport and Airplane Stuffs

We flew out of LAX (Los Angeles International Airport). Our flight left at 9 am so we had to be at the airport by 7 which meant that we had to leave our house at 5 so we had to wake up at 4 am. Whew. Everything went really smoothly and we got to the airport in plenty of time (thanks again to my sister Katie and brother-in-law Ryan) and we took advantage of the Porters outside the entrance to the airport to check our bag so we could just head off to security. I had checked us in and printed boarding passes at home.

Mr. Atticus with his own bag at LAX
Kaelie, Kyle, Kevin, and Atticus on the plane

We brought our umbrella stroller with us and decided to gate check it so we could use it in the airport if we needed to. Remember it was really early and in fact, we left Atticus in his Snoopy pajamas while on the plane. He would get tired and it was nice to have the stroller with us while waiting for our flight. It doesn’t cost anything to gate check an umbrella stroller and you don’t even need to make reservations to do it, you just show up with it.

What would I do differently? I would not book such an early flight with a 2 year old. He was grouchy! He didn’t want to stay buckled in his seat and threw a couple of tantrums. Thankfully we were able to calm him down both times and the few people who turned our way to “see” what the commotion was were sympathetic. We did get Atticus to sleep for about an hour but on a 5 hour flight we had to keep him busy .

Atticus at Kahului, Hawaii.
As I mentioned earlier, we brought a carry on for Atticus. We packed it with crayons, coloring books, a reading book (even though he can’t read he loves looking at books), a couple small trains and a hot wheels car. I also brought my Kindle Fire and a pair of headphones for him to use. I had downloaded his favorite shows-Super Why!, Pocoyo, and Yo Gabba Gabba. He loved watching them . I also packed snacks for him as you can take dry food on the plane from home. So I had crackers and gummy bears and fruit leather for him to munch on.  I guess I can’t really complain-he DID do good for a 2 year old. The key is just keeping him from getting bored.

When we left Maui for California, our flight left at 1 pm. I thought Atticus did much better on this flight because it was closer to his normal nap time so he slept for a good two hours on the plane. It was a much quieter flight and my nerves were much better as well.

Now to the good stuff.

Where To Stay

We stayed in Lahaina which is the old capital of Hawaii and an old whaling port on the leeward side of the island of Maui. Lahaina is a busy town by Maui standards and most tourists do not stay there-they stay north in Ka’anapali or in the south in Kihei or Wailea-but during the day they all come to Lahaina to shop and eat. I was a little concerned about staying in town and not beach front but the condo we found was too good to pass up.

We booked the Outrigger Aina Nalu. It is located right on the corner of Dickenson and Wainee with the main highway running just west (or behind) of the property. So it’s conveniently located. We got a 2 bedroom 2 bath garden condo (this simply means it’s on the first floor). One tool I like to use is Google Maps. So by the time we go to Lahaina, I knew exactly how to get to our hotel because I had virtually ‘walked’ those streets before.

Our condo had a stackable washer and dryer. How convenient is that? The downside? Our dryer worked horribly! It would take about 4 hours to dry a medium sized load. And towels? Forget about it. That took twice as long. On the third day we were there our washer stopped working as well. Completely. So I called the front desk and they sent someone over to fix it. He was in and out and we were up and running in less than 30 minutes. The dryer? He said to maybe use smaller loads and shrugged his shoulders. So not much help there. I’m not normally a complainer so maybe if I was we could have got that fixed but we let it go.

Our condos even had solar panels on the roof. Isn't that view of the mountains breathtaking?
More pictures of the Outrigger Aina Nalu
Parking Lot at the Outrigger Aina Nalu
These condos were so beautiful! Plus, our back door opened up to the pool area so were literally 50 feet or so from the gorgeous salt water pool. I feel like this place is a hidden gem. It made us feel like we were at a home away from home. Everyone was super nice and the grounds are to die for. Seriously, plants that I've never seen before and behind the condo grounds are beautiful mountains that I had to take a picture of every morning. It was an experience needless to say. If I ever return to Maui, I will be staying at this same place. We loved it that much!

Another shot of the mountains behind our condo. There is my husband Kevin.
Saltwater pool at the Outrigger Aina Nalu.
Outdoor lounge area.
The back door to our condo led right to the pool area. Atticus really loved it.
Want to know what we did while in Maui and learn more about historic Lahaina? Stay tuned for my next blog about our adventures on the island.


Friday, August 3, 2012

A Place To Rest Your Head

1. Get a new couch.....check!
2. Buy accent pillows for couch.....not so much.....

I just havent had the time or the money to go out and get pillows. I am also pretty indecisive about the colors I really want to do. Things got out of hand recently when Ryan and I got our pillows from the BEDROOM so we could be comfy on the couch whilst we watched our TV show.

Things had to change. We couldn't go on living this way.

I searched through my things and found these:

Falling apart accent pillows I never use. They came with one of those all-in-one bed-sets. Not my style anymore.

I furiously dove through all the fabric scraps I owned. There wasn't much so I had to piece two fabrics together to get a pillow.

First thing I did was get my seam ripper out and rip these bad boy's apart.

The fluff inside wasn't held together with anything and promptly fell apart. Maybe I should have just covered over the original fabric, oh well. I measured the original cover then I cut my pieces an inch bigger to allow me some mistake room.

I literally had only scraps of the Paisley material but wanted to incorporate it on both pillows so I cut it first. I had alot of the white fabric so I just used that to fill in all the spaces.

I flipped them so the right sides faced each other then I sewed right around leaving a opening  so that I could stuff it later. Stuffing a pillow is a pain. It is really difficult to get it smooth and free of lumps. I just stuff it extra full then kneed it like dough. Eventually it looks good. :)

Doing the seam to close the pillow up is probably best done by hand. It is also a pain to get the stuffed pillow under the sewing machine to sew a tiny seam closed. I managed to do it but I'm pretty sure I almost broke my sewing machine.

It is done:

The other did not go as well.

I had alot of problems with this pillow because I didn't measure properly. I am not the kinda girl who can just "eyeball" things. I had to leave the project for an hour then come back and brainstorm a solution. It turned out great which is all that really matters right?

It nice to finally a place to rest our heads and they look good! Double whammy!

So what do you think? A free pillow upgrade...you cant beat that. I still want to incorporate more color but this will do in the meantime. Any ideas on accent pillows?

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

I've always wanted to use the phrase "Sui Generis"....

Sometimes genius, beauty, and thriftiness collide to create a cosmic craft baby of such illustrious amazingness that I get all confuddled and flabbergasted that said baby was not conceived of before. Or at least from my brain anyway. I'm sure others have created such sui generis before but this creation tickled me pink and I am normally not a fan of the shade.

C'mon! I love me some Johnny Flynn!!

Check out this squawking newborn! (...as in cosmic baby...have I lost you yet??)

This blue crystal cupcake stand was perfect for my nephew Ryker's 2nd birthday party. It was ABC themed with bright colors and in lieu of a traditional cake we made cute cupcakes with ABC chocolate molds on the top. We realized that we didn't have a place to display the 48 cupcakes so to the $0.99 store we went!

Of course we kind of had an idea as to how to make a cupcake/cake stand as we are avid Pinterest followers and a crafty friend of ours had made a stand using bowls and plates a few years ago. We picked up these colorful vases for....wait for it....$0.99!

Next we picked up these plastic "crystal" patterned plates. We chose a large 11" plate to serve as the base to our cupcake stand and a smaller 9" plate to be the top. Both plastic plates were also only $0.99.

We used hot glue to attach the plates to the vases and Voila! A beautiful cupcake stand for a measly $2.97 plus tax. I don't know if you can beat that price!

Here is the cupcake stand again. 

Here is the green vase stand loaded up with the cupcakes for Ryker's 2nd birthday party.
What amazingness have you created from the $0.99 Store? Do you get a thrill like we do when you create Sui Generis while saving money? (LOL, okay, I had to throw just one more in!)

Happy Crafting! :)